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Do you want healthy plants, that will give you the best Mother Nature
has to offer, with virtually no problems from pests?  Well then it's all
about the soil.  Good rich healthy soil just doesn't happen it is made,
made from rich organic matter teaming with beneficial organisms.

How do I get that you might be asking yourself.  First and foremost
before you do ANYTHING else...start a compost pile.   This is going
to be the insurance you will want for future healthy crops.
Decomposed leaves, hay, grass, kitchen plant scraps or garden
waste is what makes healthy organic matter teaming with all those
wonderful organisms that are what healthy soil is made of.

But, while your waiting for your compost to be ready to use, you can
aid your existing soil by adding generous amounts of store bought  
organic compost, well rotted manure, peat and granular kelp. These
items will help any kind of soil you may have. Sandy soil that drains
too quickly or soil with clay that doesn't drain at all, will benefit from
the above items.  Your goal is to achieve soil that when squeezed
holds together, but crumbles easily and retains enough water to feel
like a wrung out sponge.

Granted I know this is a simplified version of what one can do. Don't
be afraid to just go out and dump this stuff into your existing soil &
mix it in.  It is not going to hurt, and before you know it you will have
gotten the hang of it, reaping all the benefits Mother Nature has to
offer.  Make no mistake there is an abundance of information on
achieving healthy soil that can be quite extensive and a bit
overwhelming. It is my opinion gardening should be fun and if all you
can do is to start a compost pile and or purchase organic compost to
help amend your soil, you are well on your way to achieving your goal.

It is my hope that this helps even just a little.  As always, please feel
free to email me or look me up on Facebook with any suggestions or

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